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Career Profile

A software developer with 4+ years of hands-on experience. Ability to learn new technologies and services quickly and effectively.


Software Developer

09/2018 - Present
eTool Developers LLC, Kentwood, MI
Creating and maintaining E-Commerce platforms and handling PIES and ACES compliant data for large after market automotive businesses.

Software Developer/Co-owner

02/2017 - Present
Stridet LLC, Caledonia, MI
Responsible for all development projects the business had. Worked with multiple clients to create custom websites and ecommerce platforms.
  • Created custom commerce platforms
  • Integrated Stripe and PayPal for payments
  • Integrated shipment tracking using EasyPost
  • Worked with the UPS rating API
  • Created web based CRM
  • Created custom business websites

Software Developer

03/2015 - 12/2016
YourAreaCode, Grand Rapids, MI
Initially started out as a paid intern, but within 4 months took over the lead programming position at the company. Day to day consisted of working on the company's CMS dashboard, CRM, and client website development. During this period I was also tasked with doing side projects, such as a website builder, and a mobile app.
  • Created sales CRM using Laravel 5, MariaDB 10.0 and Redis
  • Moved client websites and company dashboard off of a proprietary framework into laravel in less than 2 weeks.
  • Optimized client websites hosted on our server by implementing Redis caching. Before this our server would constenly go down due to the heavy traffic load.
  • Maintained the legacy PHP codebase.
  • Fixed bugs and added new features to the dashboard.
  • Created a templated website builder.
  • Created a universal sidebar plugin for client websites which tied into the company's products.
  • Created a Mobile app in Cordova for Android and iOS with custom dashboard in 3 months

Student Tutor

08/2012 - 05/2015
Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids, MI
Worked at GRCC part time while going to school full-time. Work days consisted of helping students with computer related courses, such as C++, Java, PHP, Windows/Linux System Administration, and Microsoft Office.
  • Assisted students with computer related classes mostly programming and Linux.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the lab
  • Assisted IT with setting up and moving other computer labs


Stridet Website - Website written in Go
Web CRM - Web based CRM using Laravel
Vertical Lures - Ecommerce site for a lures company written in python
Hiwassee Angler - Ecommerce site written in python and using a Go program for syncing inventory with 3rd party vendors
PHP IoC Container - Inversion of control container.
HTML Builder - Html builder written in php

Skills & Proficiency

Go Python PHP Javascript Shell Scripting Django Laravel 5 Linux/BSD Redis Pub/Sub MySQL/MariaDB Nginx Cordova